My last international Goodreads Giveaway: Books are on the way!

I recently had the opportunity to send my very first Men and Monsters paperback ARCs to three lucky winners:


As promised, winners received signed Men and Monsters paperback ARCs, as well as signed copies of Kingdom of Ashes, character cards and other surprise goodies:


Books are now on the way and winners will get them soon, if they haven’t already!


But today’s announcement is bittersweet and marks the end of a beautiful era. In the past years, I’ve ran multiple worldwide giveaways on Goodreads and connected to great readers all around the world. Sadly, as many of you know, Goodreads no longer allows authors to run giveaways for readers based outside the US. I’ve filled out a survey against this and other new rules, but I’ve received no response.

As soon as the new Goodreads Giveaway rules were announced, I scheduled a giveaway for Men and Monsters with the old rules as far in the future as it was allowed, not even knowing if I’d have a decent copy by then! Thankfully, I managed, and I think this even motivated me to finish editing and formatting fast.

In the future, I plan to run a few worldwide paperback giveaways through my blog and other places, but I have yet to decide on the best way to do it. Stay tuned for news!


Note to bloggers: If I’ve promised you a paperback ARC, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you! I had a limited number of ARCs and used them for the giveaway, but I’ll send you one once I have more.

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