Throne of Blood Character Reveal: Alfa

It’s time for the last Throne of Blood character I wanted to show you before the cover reveal on Tuesday. Meet Alfa!

Alfa - JPEG

Alfa is the most ancient vampire in the first three Nightfall books. In Men and Monsters, we met Nimah, an ancient Mayan vampire born during the Preclassic period. We’ve also met Indira and Callisto, who come from around the same time. Alfa is older than any of them.

He’s also related to some of the main characters from previous books. In what way? You’ll find out soon enough, but you’re welcome to take a guess!

As always, character art created by TheSwanMaideN from DeviantArt.

Character Reveal Schedule:

  • July 20th: Mizuki
  • July 23rd: Rada
  • July: 26th: Almaz
  • July 29th: Carmina
  • August 1st: Alfa
  • August 4th: Throne of Blood cover reveal!

Happy reading! 💖