In the Footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen

Yesterday I managed to do my first post-lockdown trip, which also doubled as book research 🙂

The quarantine has been weird for me for more reasons than the usual. While most people got stuck in their hometowns, I had just relocated and got stuck in a city (and country!) where I’ve never lived before and knew hardly anyone. Can’t complain though; Copenhagen is far from the worst city to get stuck in, and I was able to work from home, so my job was fine. Still, now that things in Denmark are stable, it felt good to hop on the train and leave the city for a day, and combining the trip with book research made it even better!


Now that I’ve completed the Throne of Blood draft on my side and can’t do much more than wait for editorial feedback, I’ve started work on a brand new book.

It’s a historical fantasy based on several of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales and personal life. And while the novel is set mostly in early 19th-century Copenhagen, with a few detours into the Swedish wilderness, I thought it also made sense to visit the author’s hometown, Odense:


Everything in Odense is connected to H.C. Andersen!

You can see the house where he was born: Continue reading

Where do we go in Throne of Blood?

We can’t travel in the real world right now, but we can still travel in books! Each Nightfall book expands the setting, in both space and time, and in Throne of Blood we see periods and places we haven’t visited before.

The earliest scene in Throne of Blood is set in 222 BC. The latest is in the present day: our familiar 26th century post-apocalyptic world.

But where do we go? Of course, today’s countries no longer exist under their current shape and form in the Nightfall universe. Still, people, cultures and languages are to some extend the same in the same regions, and we’ll see more on how exactly that works in the coming book.

This map shows which of the current world countries have Throne of Blood scenes set in their territories:


Wow, so many colors, what do they all mean? In a nutshell, blue means present day (26th century) and green means flashbacks. As most chapters are from the point of view of centuries-old (often millennia-old) vampires who have seen lots of periods in history, the book is very flashback-heavy, though not nearly as much as Men and Monsters.

Some flashback are very brief, a quick paragraph or a few sentences in the middle of something else. They are colored in light green. Others are full scenes, sometimes an entire chapter: these are dark green.

We also see some dark blue here. This indicates territories where we have both present day action and flashbacks.

Can’t wait to be able to share the book with you, so we can all travel together ❤

Larger resolution map here.