Free short story :)

My short story, Snowflake in the Tea, is FINALLY free on Amazon!

It’s an old piece I initially wrote for a creative writing assignment, back when I was a student. The task was to write a short story containing the following elements:

– Falling out of touch with an old friend
– Finding refuge from the outside world in a blanket and a steaming cup of tea
– Some third element I no longer remember 😐

It’s a magical realism tale set in the gloomy winter of northern Germany, featuring a (possibly magic!) cat. The story is a super quick read that you can finish in minutes, even if you take your time 😊

After I published my first book, I thought I could dig out some old stories, dust them off a bit, and share them. I picked this one, did some editing, and quickly put together a cover and the internal design out of stock pictures. I put it up on Amazon, planning to make it free for everyone.

Easier said than done…

You have no idea how difficult it is for an author to make a book free on Amazon! Honestly, I don’t know where all the free books are coming from and what authors and publishers go through to get there, but it took me close to three years.

Long story short, you are not allowed to set the price below 0.99, and only Amazon can decide to lower it to match prices elsewhere. Well, this story has been free on every other marketplace from the very beginning. Which I had been reporting to Amazon multiple times in the past three years, but they only reacted recently.

While I’m really happy, the fight is far from over. In fact, it’s only beginning! While the book is free on Amazon.COM, it’s still paid on Amazon.[anything else]. So if you live in a region where you can’t shop from just use a VPN and get it for free anyway, you can use the Amazon feature to report a lower price, and if enough people do it, hopefully, they’ll take action and match it. Otherwise, you can always get it for free from Barnes&Noble, Kobo, and literally everywhere else!

Happy reading! 💖