Nightfall: Kingdom of Ashes is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

You can pre-order the book now for 0.99 USD*. After release on Oct. 30th, you will be able to purchase the book at the regular price of 3.99 USD.

EVERYONE who pre-orders will receive a signed character card! In addition, all pre-orders will enter a lottery and be eligible to win one of the following:

  • Nightfall: Kingdom of Ashes t-shirts
  • Nightfall: Kingdom of Ashes coffee mugs
  • Nightfall: Kingdom of Ashes signed paperbacks
  • 1 box of chocolates


Also, I always include a small bar of luxury chocolate with each paperback / gift I send 🙂

How does it work?

If you wish to participate, please forward your pre-order confirmation email to Please include the following:

  • Mailing address. It can be a post box, or a work/school address. Your address will be treated confidentially
  • Which character card would you like to receive? You can see the illustrations on the sidebar, or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices. The options are:
    • Myra Andersen
    • Prince Vladimir
    • Armida
    • Tristan
  • If you win a T-shirt, you will have the option to provide T-shirt size

Pre-order here

Happy reading!


(*) Unfortunately, the minimum list price for some territories is slightly higher than 0.99 USD, so if you live in Europe, you might need to pay 0.99 EUR or 0.99 GBP. On the positive side, I was able to set the price to something under 0.99 USD for other territories (just 99 jen in Japan, yay!)