Beautiful Nightfall cover art by TheSwanMaideN

I am happy to present the stunning Kingdom of Ashes ebook cover by the talented Nadica Boshkovska (aka TheSwanMaideN on DeviantArt):

Kingdom of Ashes - E-book - web

The paperback cover will use the complete artwork:

Kingdom of Ashes - Artwork - web

Getting a gorgeous cover that reflects the book’s content can be a challenge for indie authors. I’ve been extremely lucky to work with this amazing artist.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Nightfall cover art by TheSwanMaideN

  1. So pretty! I love Myra’s dress! The light and shadows are amazing! But why is she wearing a fancy dress? I thought she had shabby clothes at the Resistance? Not that I mind, it’s cool to look at 😀 Does she get a dress later?


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