Where am I? Solve this riddle to win a SIGNED Men and Monsters paperback

Throne of Blood, Book 3 in the Nightfall series, is approaching completion, and I can already tell you a secret…

Chapter One, “Legend” will be the first chapter in the series from Vlad’s point of view. While we have seen his story in Men and Monsters, we hear it through Myra and through what he chooses to tell her. Now, for the first time, we will properly get inside his head.

I have two questions for you, and if you answer correctly, you’ll enter a lottery to win a Men and Monsters signed paperback!

  1. Where is Vlad in the opening chapter of Throne of Blood?
  2. What is he doing there?

How on earth should you know that, you ask. Simple! You just need to guess where I am:


Read on for more clues and details how to enter!


As you might have noticed after reading Men and Monsters, I take research seriously. Even though Vlad doesn’t stay long at this mystery place, I still had to visit it and make sure my descriptions are realistic. I’ll share a few of the pictures I took to make it easy for you to guess the location.

I’ll start with a big hint. This picture is taken in August:


Still not sure? I’ll give you more hints…

It’s a land of fire…

…and ice…

…and waterfalls…

…and volcanic activity…

…and brave locals


This is not a dog:


Okay, you should have a good guess by now. But what is Vlad doing there?

That should be easy too. Just think about the ending of Men and Monsters. What do you think Vlad’s first priority would be?

Send your guesses to elena@kingdomofashes.net by Oct. 1st. Put Throne of Blood Challenge in the subject line, and if your guesses are correct, you will enter a lottery to win a signed Men and Monsters paperback!

And if your guesses are not correct but I like them, I might include you in the lottery anyway 😉

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