Throne of Blood Character Reveal: Rada

It’s time for another Throne of Blood character reveal. Meet Rada!

Rada - JPEG

She is in the book for only a short while, but her character makes an impression. She is related to a certain mythological being. If you’ve read Men and Monsters carefully, you should be able to guess which one 🙂

Character Reveal Schedule:

  • July 20th: Mizuki
  • July 23rd: Rada
  • July: 26th: Almaz
  • July 29th: Carmina
  • August 1st: Alfa
  • August 4th: Throne of Blood cover reveal!

Happy reading! 💖

2 thoughts on “Throne of Blood Character Reveal: Rada

    • I know, right?! Why can’t we dress like that nowadays? Some of these dresses are not even impractical, why can’t we just wear them every day?

      I once went to work in a slightly fancier dress than what’s common for the office (nothing like a ball gown, just a normal formal dress with lace sleeves) and everyone was asking “What’s going on? Why are you dressed like that? Are you going to the opera?” Umm, no, I just like my dress and want to wear it, and I don’t get that many opportunities to put it on, so leave me alone and let me wear my pretty dress, argh!

      The rest of the characters we are going to meet come from different time periods and places, so no more fancy dresses for the moment… until the cover reveal!

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