Men and Monsters (Nightfall, Book 2) Cover Reveal coming in 3 days!

Just 3 days left until the Men and Monsters cover reveal at Betwixt the Pages!


I’m really really happy with how the cover turned out, and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

To celebrate the reveal, I’m running a giveaway with fun prizes. Like all my giveaways, it’s open worldwide:

One lucky winner will receive:
– a signed paperback copy of Kingdom of Ashes
– two signed character cards (Armida and Prince Vladimir)
– a surprise selection of fun bookish gifts

Three more winners will receive:
– a signed character card of your choice
– an ebook copy of Kingdom of Ashes in your preferred format

Check out Betwixt the Pages on Feb. 2nd for more details!

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the flashback chapters in Men and Monsters (the rest is mostly done). I hope you liked Tristan’s backstory in Kingdom of Ashes because a lot of similar stuff is coming up.

Oh, and remember that part in Kingdom of Ashes when Vlad says, “I saw the Vikings sow fear throughout Europe and joined their nightly raids“?

We get to see it. I was planning just a short scene but then got super inspired. I hope you like Vikings — unless I do some major cutting during editing, we are stuck with lots of vikingy stuff!




6 thoughts on “Men and Monsters (Nightfall, Book 2) Cover Reveal coming in 3 days!

    • Wheeee, I know! Thank you so much, RaeAnne <3<3 I'm sooo excited, and the cover is so pretty — I just want to post it here and now and share it with everyone!! I need to keep reminding myself that's not how I've planned it, but I'm really not good with patience! Three more days!!

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        • Thank you!! At first I was worried I’m going overboard with the flashbacks — we get to see the rest of Tristan’s story, then Vlad’s human life, then Vlad’s early vampire years — so I was thinking at one point people will just want to know what happens to the Resistance and the WeatherWizard. But now that I’m writing these parts and seeing how it fits together with the rest of the story, it works better than I thought, and I’m optimistic! I’m very excited to share it with everyone!

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