Free signed paperbacks for Berliners!

I recently shared that I extremely spontaneously decided to move to Denmark. And, as expected of a quick relocation, my last two days in Berlin were extremely hectic. Finishing packing and shipping stuff, selling and giving away furniture, repainting the flat, running around the city on different errands. But on top of all else, there was one more thing to take care of: I found out I still had four Kingdom of Ashes and one Men and Monsters paperbacks.

I had initially ordered all of them planning to run more Goodreads giveaways as I’ve done in the past. But then Goodreads changed the giveaway rules, and this was no longer possible. And so I stuffed them in a cupboard to wait for the time I find a way to run a giveaway or find interested bloggers, and I almost forgot about their existence until it was time to move.

But what was I going to do with the books? I couldn’t possibly take them with me; I didn’t have an extra molecule of space in my luggage. And there was no time to mail them around. And so, I came up with an idea: I would sign them and donate them to open phone booth libraries around the cityAnd so I spent half of a crazy day running around the city, dropping off books, but I hope it was worth it!

Read on to see how to get them in case you have trips to Berlin planned soon!


I left books at the following locations:

  • Handjerystraße 9


  • Leon-Jessel-Platz


  • Fehrbelliner Platz


  • Mierendorffplatz


You can just walk into each of these “phone booths” and pick up the books! Feel free to take them home, or give to a friend, or read them and return to the libraries.

And apologies for limiting this initiative to Berlin. I usually do my best to make my books equally accessible to everyone around the world, but these last days were extremely stressful and there was no time for organizing giveaways. This was literally the only thing I could do to get the books to people.

Happy reading!


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